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Save Trees? But why?

Why is everyone planting trees? Why is it such a big deal? Are trees important? What do they do exactly, apart from looking green and being a safe haven for mosquitoes and reptiles?


Well if you are wondering all these questions then congrats you are a grade one idiot, but don’t beat yourself up, at least you are reading this article. I am not talking about the world, I am just talking about Punjab. Keep one thing in mind: we don't have lush jungles in our state like some other states in India. We do have green fields but they are agricultural, and we cut them every six months and then we burn them.

Other countries have forest fires, their skies are filled with smoke, ground burns up, visibility goes zero, but that’s natural disaster, we do it voluntarily. We get up in the morning, drink tea and then burn our fields, causing accidents and health issues. Now other states are struggling with air pollution, Punjab’s air quality is generally good but we are voluntarily trying to destroy it.

And for what?

I understand the farmer's point, but this is the 21st century. Everything cannot be blamed on the government. There are alternatives to stable burning, we can adopt them but we won’t because Punjabis If we are not stubborn. Now let’s get back to trees, So here are some facts for you, 1. There's more carbon dioxide in our atmosphere than at any time in human history. 2. We’re on the path to exceeding 1.5C of warming

3. Extreme heat events have become more frequent and severe

4. Average wildlife populations have dropped by 60 per cent in just over 40 years

5. Heat waves caused by global warming present greater risk of heat-related illness and death, most frequently among people who have diabetes who are elderly or are very young.

So what are you thinking right now? This is just random information from the internet, Right?! Read the points carefully, and then compare them with what’s happening. We are the reason behind CO2 in the air, the surface is burning up. We are the reason behind it, but what can we do to avoid it? Simple, just plant some more trees, look at this like this, your goal is to not let sunlight hit the earth surface. And how can you do that? Well I think you know the answer by now. Plant more trees, it’s that simple.

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Amandeep Heer
Amandeep Heer
Dec 13, 2023

Indeed we Punjabis are too stubborn to admit that. Nicely written. Keep the goodwork Bhaji.

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